Finding the Right Video Editing Desk — A Definitive Guide

video editing desk

We spend so much time thinking about our hardware and accessories that we barely give a second thought to the furniture and peripherals that go with it.

Not many people realize this, but finding a good video editing desk is as important as finding the right desktop computer or monitor. When you consider the number of hours we spend on average doing editing work of any nature, you begin to understand the importance of having the appropriate space and comfort to do it in.

With that in mind, let’s delve into what constitutes a suitable editing desk, what characteristics such a desk should have, and what features to look for when buying one.

What Are Video Editing Desks?

A good video editing desk is a desk that offers ample space for holding two or more monitors along with other computer equipment one might need for video editing purposes.

Although the desk surface is of paramount importance, a good desk usually incorporates monitor shelves for custom height placement along with decent cable management features and/or openings for additional implements.

At the same time, these desks should also be comfortable and ergonomically oriented to facilitate long video editing efforts without causing too much strain or discomfort for the user.

Types of Video Editing Desks

A desk for video editing must first and foremost be practical and comfortable to use. In that regard, know that there isn’t a universal standard for these types of desks and that they can differ in form from one another. Among them, the most popular are:

  • L-shaped desks – An L-shaped desk is perfect for video editing tasks because it can easily accommodate two or more monitors. Due to its shape, it gives you plenty of space to move around from one task to another and to accommodate other peripherals.
  • U-shaped desks – This is a more conventional design that focuses on ease of access above versatility. This is perfect for anyone who engages primarily in editing work with little focus on anything else.
video editing desk

Why Use a Video Editing Desk?

Unlike regular furniture, specialized desks and tables allow for greater mobility without sacrificing comfort or efficiency in any meaningful way. In fact, desktop PCs have been relying on specialized desks for decades, and so do office computers.

These types of desks come with a wide variety of particularities and design patterns, but they mostly serve the same basic functions from a practical point of view.

For instance, a good video editing desk offers a dedicated space for editing equipment like play-record decks, tablets, multiple keyboards, color grading panels, speakers, and other essential peripherals that video editors might use.

You will find that a good editing desk will improve your workspace real estate and make working long hours much easier overall. 

What to Look For in a Video Editing Desk

Although most of these desks are built to meet a specific set of standards, they can differ from one another in shape, size, construction, and integrated features. And that’s disregarding the storage space some of them may offer.


When choosing a desk of any kind, you should first and foremost consider the size of the desk itself. The physical size of the desk determines how much space it takes up inside a room and how spacious the tabletop is.

Try to remember that a good editing desk must accommodate your entire setup, which may include multiple monitors, a secondary PC, two keyboards, external drives, and other peripherals.

To be on the safe side, choose a desk that doesn’t impede your movement around the room while also being spacious enough to fit your gear with some room to spare.

Material Construction

Provided you do your editing work at home, you want a desk that serves a practical purpose and will look good and blend in. In that regard, people tend to go for a wooden desk with a standard tabletop.

You might also want to be on the lookout for PVC desks if you’re on a tight budget. Although not as sturdy as wood, PVC is usually strong enough to accommodate a basic PC setup with all the peripherals and accessories.

If you have a knack for it, you may try your hand at building a custom-shaped desk yourself. As far as DIY projects go, building a desk isn’t that difficult if you have the right tools and the know-how to go with it.

Cable Management

Cable management is a big part of setting up a video editing setup, whether we’re talking about desks or external hardware. Perhaps not as important as the hardware itself, but it certainly helps with how you manage it.

Because a well-organized workspace is essential for establishing a productive and efficient work environment, any video editing desk setup you operate should keep cables and wires out of harm’s way.

It isn’t just a matter of practical arrangements either. It also has an aesthetic component that needs to be acknowledged because you don’t want cables and cords sticking out from underneath the desk.

Storage Space

Although modern desks come with a wide range of design features and adjustable parts, few manufacturers build storage areas into them. For obvious reasons, this is definitely something you want to look into when buying a video editing desk, regardless of its size and shape.

You’re always going to need additional peripherals and accessories as a video editor, and there’s no better place to store them than straight into the desk itself.

With all your equipment on hand, you don’t have to spend extra time retrieving your tools and gadgets from outside the work environment.


We talked about the practical aspects of a decent video editing desk, but aesthetics also play an important role. Similar to gaming desks, most people want an office or work desk to be visually appealing and fit well into the room.

Furthermore, a clever design should make it easier for you to access the desk’s storage areas, the cable management features, and any other desk accessories it might have.

A Good Video Editing Desk Needs to Be Adjustable

Versatility is key when it comes to video editing tools and hardware, so why wouldn’t it also be essential when we talk about furniture?

In this respect, a height-adjustable desk will help you accommodate all your video editing gear while helping you maintain a healthy posture while working.

Although height isn’t that important for most desktop computers, you have to take it into consideration when dealing with a dual monitor setup for accessibility reasons. If anything, a height-adjustable desk is bound to shorten the time it takes you to shift around the working area.

video editing desk

Consider the Weight Limits

Even though video editing desks aren’t usually required to hold an awful lot of weight, the loads they have to withstand can still get pretty heavy with all the keyboards, monitors, external drives, and other editing hardware or peripherals.

Along with desk height, you also have to consider how many pounds of weight the tabletop can accommodate without the desk losing its stability.

A good option is to look for a desk that can hold at least 100 lbs or more, but without sacrificing aesthetics in the process.

As always, try to get a rough idea of how much your gear weighs before committing to a purchase. This isn’t to say that you should weigh your gear beforehand, but you should at least get a general idea of what you might need.

Shelves and Accessories

A good video editing desk should be relied upon to meet the traditional standards of an office desk and provide greater versatility and ergonomy.

Considering how many peripherals and external hardware a video editor uses, it’s good for the desk to have spacious and accommodating shelves for easy access.

At the same time, you want at least one of them to be large enough to incorporate your computer and/or graphic station.

All Things Considered

Whether it’s a traditional desk with a classic design or a more elaborate, adjustable standing desk, you want the video editing desk of your choosing to be ergonomic, comfortable, accommodating, and pleasant to look at.

Given the wide range of office furniture available to us at this point in time, choosing a suitable desk may prove a bit tedious and time-consuming. 

Nonetheless, this is definitely something you want to take your time to consider because you’re going to be using that desk for a very long time once you buy it.

As always, with these kinds of things, the decision will most likely come down to personal choice. Not just that, but there doesn’t seem to be a universal standard for what a video editing desk should be, so you’re advised to go for whatever you feel comfortable with at the end of the day. 

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