A Definitive Guide On How To Hide Wires Under A Desk

A Definitive Guide On How To Hide Wires Under A Desk

Cable clutter is one of the most frustrating problems that could plague a workstation. It not only gives off a messy vibe, but it also creates an impression of poor management to anyone who encounters your workspace. 

It can be tough trying to organize wires under a desk. All kinds of cords and wires connect to your desktop and it can become difficult to ignore the entangled network of wires created. There’s definitely something wrong if it takes you 20 minutes you can’t spare to successfully unplug your laptop from the noodle of wires. 

If you’ve had this problem for a while and you’re wondering how to fix it, you’re on the right page. Here you’ll discover tips on how to hide wires under a desk to keep your workstation clean and tidy. 

How to Hide Wires Under a Desk 

Merely hiding your wires will conceal them from the unsuspecting eye, but without coming up with a more permanent solution to organize your cables, your newfound peace of mind – and the tidy appearance of your desk – will be short-lived. 

A Definitive Guide On How To Hide Wires Under A Desk

Whether you have a conventional desk or a standing desk, finding a basic cable management solution will enable you to achieve a clean and clutter-free work space that will encourage you to work effectively.

There are a plethora of tools you could use to help you organize your cables and wires, but if you’re looking for an inexpensive solution, follow the tips below. 

Unplug the Wires 

Removing the wires from their respective sockets frees up one end, thereby making it easy for sorting to begin. This process also kills the flow of the electrical current which is important if you’re going to be fiddling with wires. Remember to switch off all necessary devices before you begin unplugging to prevent unnecessary damage. 

Mount the Power Extension 

A major part of this whole exercise is to neatly conceal wires while revealing as little as possible. Hanging your power extension either on the wall or under your desk is a good step in that direction. 

For an adjustable standing desk, the underside of the table would be suitable. So, as the desk moves, the wires move, as well. When it comes to adjustable desks, your wires could be overtly stretched if you mount your power system on the wall, so it’s best to opt for underneath. You can install it using screws for a more secure hold.

For a conventional desk, you can attach the power strip to the wall, though you may still want to consider using the underside of your desk if your goal is to conceal the cords as much as possible. 

Reduce Cable Length 

Wires intertwine, and the longer they are, the easier it is for them to tangle up and form knots. Shortening the length of cables curtails the chances of wires forming clusters in the future. You can use cable straps to prevent wires from dropping onto the floor. You also improvise with a string or thin wire to hold a bunch of cords together.

Make Use of Labels 

Labels often prove useful when organizing wires under a desk. With effective labeling, you can differentiate similar wires or cables when you need to unplug or plug in any of your devices. 

Labels also make it easy for other people in your home or office to navigate your collection of wires and locate what they need in no time. Depending on your preference, you could write on tags for relevant cables or choose a different color for each cable. 

Tools You Can Use to Handle Desk Wires 

These tools aren’t super expensive and they’re easy to install, making them a great help when you’re looking for how to hide wires under a desk. 

Desk Cable Management Tray 

A desk cable management tray is a valuable desk accessory that can secure all your wires and adapters. A cable tray can be mounted just beneath the undersurface of your desk. It’s wide enough to contain several wires and is designed in a mesh structure to prevent cases of overheating. 

The desk cable management tray is ideal for a standing desk and a conventional desk as it effectively keeps wire off the ground. So if you’re looking for how to hide wires under a desk, this is a great method. 

Cable Grommets 

Cable Grommets are additional features that come with work desks, so this is something you should look out for before choosing the right desk for you. Cable grommets are ready-made orifices or holes on work tables that permit wires to pass through them. This ensures that all the wires linking up to devices on your desk are straight and untangled. 

Wooden Cord Cable Organizer 

A wooden cord organizer is a wooden slab with several partitions in it. These partitions can be used to hold cables in place making the wires easily accessible, clean, and tidy. 

This tool is perfect for those who already have a table without cable grommets and don’t want to drill holes in it. It also makes sense for those opposed to using a metallic desk cable management tray for a wooden desk. These wooden cord cable organizers are also aesthetically pleasing and add that classy touch to your work desk. 

Cable Clips 

Using a cable clip to hold your cables in place saves both money and space. Cable clips are sticky and can stay glued to any surface. The way cable clips work is that they allow wires to pass through, keeping them straight, and fasten them to the desired surface. Cable clips come in various sizes and you can organize multiple wires at once using these handy tools. 

Adhesive Hooks 

Adhesive hooks have strong adhesive backing that binds to the desk, helping to keep wild wires in place. A package contains about 50 hooks, with each hook being about 1.8″ long. This means you’ll be able to keep loose wires in check with ease. 

Cable Box 

These are large plastic or wooden boxes to organize wires on your work desk. These boxes are designed with an opening in the front through which your cables come out to establish the connection. 

The plastic cable boxes are less ideal because plastic may not respond well to the heat generated by your computer and work equipment. Wooden boxes are generally preferred because they keep cables and adapters cool. 

Why Should You Organize Wires Under Your Desk?

Your surroundings affect your disposition and could play a huge part in influencing your productivity at work. Clutter can make you feel stressed, depressed, and anxious. Decluttering your wires could prove to be therapeutic and beneficial in areas such as: 


Safety should be your priority and the major reason why you should sort out your cables under your desk. This is because unmanned electrical wires could cause serious damage in so many ways. Exposed wires from torn cord covers could result in electric shock. 

A Neat Workspace  

Nothing screams undependable than having an untidy workstation, and having a mess of cables could easily make you infamous as the person who doesn’t have his/her house in order. 

Keeping a clean and organized workspace with desk wires neatly concealed creates a great impression on any passer-by and fellow employees and, most importantly, creates a clean space for you to enjoy as you work.


By incorporating a great cable management system that hides most of your loose cords and keeps them arranged under the desk, the life expectancy of your cables and devices increases exponentially. Decluttering reduces friction amongst wires, thereby reducing wear and tear. 

Saved Time

Organizing your wires could be time-consuming but it’s a good investment when you consider the amount of time and hassle you’d be saving yourself from should you ever move desks or rearrange furniture. 

You’ll definitely thanks your past self for labeling when you find out you don’t have to waste precious time trying to figure out which is which amongst tangles of similar cords.  

Final Thoughts 

Even if you don’t care about making good impressions, decluttering and organizing your office supplies, cables, and wires is essential for a healthy state of mind and boosts your productivity. 

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’re confident that you’ve learned how to hide wires under a desk properly and can do it at home or at work. Regardless of the time it takes to declutter your collection of cords, the end result will be worth the time and effort! 

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