Ultimate Guide to the Benefits of Dual Monitors Gaming Setups

benefits of dual monitors gaming

A dual monitor gaming PC is a great way to take your gaming experience to the next level. Many people think that two monitors are just an unnecessary expense, but in reality, there are many benefits of dual monitors gaming setups and using them.

Dual monitors allow you to do more without taking up too much space on your desk or fighting for screen real estate with other windows and applications! Whether you’re playing competitively or just for fun, dual monitors can provide an advantage that’s hard to match.

With the improved field of view and increased screen space, it’s easier than ever to stay on top of your game. Another great benefit is that the extra screen can provide an immersive experience for any game. It’s almost like you’re living in the world as it unfolds right before your eyes! 

The benefits of dual monitor gaming PCs are truly endless and will help improve your overall user experience, whether you’re playing games or doing work on them.

The Benefits of Dual Monitors Gaming Setups

Dual-monitors are beneficial in both workplace and gaming enhancements. If you’ve been using one PC for as long as you can remember, a dual-monitor PC will help to boost your productivity. There are many benefits to having a dual monitor setup for gaming.

Reaction Times and Awareness

Improve reaction time by giving yourself more space to move and play around in a virtual environment (be it FPS shooters, racing games, or even desktop simulators). The larger screen real estate allows for better situational awareness, meaning that players can keep track of how far they’ve moved their character and what’s happening outside the player’s direct view. 

This benefits gamers who play fast action games such as first-person shooters, where split-second decisions have to be made constantly about which target should receive immediate attention next. Gamers with multiple monitors gain an advantage over opponents without this technology because they don’t have to worry about the FOV (field of view) benefits.

Multi-Monitor Gameplay

Playing multiplayer games on one ultrawide monitor or dual monitor setup is always better than one single screen. 

Those who’re just starting with multiplayer gaming can take advantage of this feature by building a squad or group before they begin playing together, allowing for easier planning and team strategies without having to stop mid-game to discuss plans. 

This gives gamers more time to focus on winning rather than floundering around trying to organize themselves first. This type of setup is essential in fast action games such as first-person shooters, where split-second decisions have to be made constantly about which target should receive immediate attention next.

Having a dual monitor gaming PC benefits gamers in many ways, from maximizing their FOV to improving team strategies and making it easier for beginners to start playing multiplayer games.


With two screens, you can easily monitor and do more than one thing at a time. For example, if you’re streaming your gameplay, it’d be easier to keep track of the chat window and stream settings without having to minimize or switch windows constantly. 

You can also watch TV shows or movies while playing certain games like Overwatch by using picture in picture mode – something that isn’t possible otherwise!

benefits of dual monitors gaming

Expertise Benefits

Players with monitors have the advantage of seeing more things that are happening on screen. This means they’re better at making decisions and taking action, allowing them to dominate opponents who don’t have this type of setup. Game development studios are aware of this advantage and create games that take full use of secondary screens.


Having a second monitor helps make the world feel more prominent and more immersive, and it provides a sense of scale and perspective so that everything feels closer and more realistic. 

This is especially important in games where the goal is to feel like you’re actually there. So, open-world games or fantasy games that can fully immerse players into the game are great for playing with dual screens.

Teamwork Advantages

Dual monitors allow players to work together effectively. If someone has a problem, he or she can quickly call upon another player’s assistance. Teammates can share information and coordinate actions much faster than if only one person was working alone. 

This is especially important in games where teamwork allows players to achieve higher levels of success than they would be able to independently.

Multiplayer Advantages 

When playing online, people will often play against others who have different setups. These differences include whether they’re using a laptop instead of a desktop computer, what kind of display they have, etc. With the help of a dual monitor setup, gamers will always have the upper hand over others due to their increased field of view and better response time.

Faster Response Times

Dual monitors help reduce response time for gamers. The increased FOV gives you a better idea of what’s going on in the game, allowing faster detection and reaction to threats. This also makes it easier to see approaching teammates or enemies that are trying to flank your position.

Flexibility in Your workspace and Environment

It’s easier for gamers to use a dual monitor setup because it allows them increased freedom when playing games or working in general. This is because you can easily switch between windows without minimizing/maximizing, giving users greater flexibility over how they play their game and what other tasks they do while doing so. 

Ultrawide monitors are especially flexible because you can display up to three (or more) windows side-by-side simultaneously, depending on how wide your monitor is, making multi-tasking much more accessible.

benefits of dual monitors gaming

Field of View

Ultrawide monitors offer a Field of View (FOV) benefit because they have increased space to see what’s going on in the game. 

With a standard monitor, players are typically limited to a 90-degree viewing angle, limiting when playing fast action games such as first-person shooters.

 Corner Perception

Another benefit of using an ultrawide monitor in addition to a secondary one is that it allows gamers to see things that would be hidden with only one monitor. This is especially beneficial when trying to view from corners when playing turn-based strategy or games.

The different parts on each map make it easier to strategize and plan accordingly than having limited views from only the main screen. Bezel space between screens should also always match up perfectly since this will ensure there are no gaps between them when turned off/in a corner.

Zoomed Secondary Monitor

When playing a multiplayer game, it’s essential to see your surroundings and ensure you don’t get flanked or ambushed from behind by other players on the map. In games with multiple maps, secondary monitors can be used for this purpose since they allow gamers to have more viewable angles of their surrounding area, which is crucial in these situations. 

Ultrawide curved screens are especially beneficial because their size makes them easier to view corners where enemies often hide while still being able to keep an eye out for both sides, allowing users a greater amount of situational awareness when compared to standard widescreen ratios.

Posture Benefits

While gaming, people tend to sit in awkward positions, which can lead to several health problems over time, such as back and spinal cord injuries. 

Having secondary monitors prevents this from happening. This is advantageous since it reduces the amount of stress on your neck/back. As a result, this kind of setup allows you to play more comfortably without needing extra support for your arms or having them placed uncomfortably high during gameplay.

Draw Distance

Draw distance refers to the amount of detail visible from far away, which is especially important when playing games with open-world settings where players need to be able to check their surroundings without having any limits about how much they can zoom out or rotate around. 

This gives them better situational awareness necessary for deciding if they should run into danger further ahead, stay behind and protect an area/camp, or go off somewhere else entirely by themselves. 

Ultrawide screens allow gamers increased draw distances compared to standard widescreen ratios enabling them to view a much larger area of the map at once, making decisions easier while still being mindful of their peripheral so they don’t miss anything.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ve discovered the benefits of dual monitors gaming setups. 

Dual monitor setups allow gamers the benefits of increased Field of View (FOV), better focus, and multitasking, as well as benefits that all make playing games more enjoyable. Ultrawide monitors especially offer a large viewing area which is excellent for planning strategies or creating teams. 

They also make it easier to communicate with team members at hand without stopping midgame for discussing strategy.

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