The Best Lighting for Art Studios – Complete Buying Guide

best lighting for art studios

Lighting is one of the most critical features in any art studio. Light can play a huge role in the way paint colors look while you are mixing them on your art palette or applying them to your canvas. Without proper lighting, it becomes very difficult to paint accurate color tones in a studio setting. 

A lot of artists will attempt to overcome lighting issues by creating art studios with a lot of natural light. But you could still run into issues if you are trying to paint at different times of the day because the hue of natural light can change dramatically. 

The right lighting can enable you to paint at any time of the day or night, make it much easier to see clearly, and can greatly enhance the overall results of your artwork.

In this guide, we are going to help you find the right type of light for your art studio. We’ll compare five of the best studio lights with features that are bound to come in handy when you are working on your next project.


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QUICK OVERVIEW: Our Top Picks for Best Lighting For Art Studios

The JOOFO Floor Lamp
  • Multiple control ways
  • Directional and glare-free light
  • Adjustable color-temperature settings
The Dimunt LED Floor Lamp
  • Super bright lighting
  • Adjustable colors and brightness
  • Samrt remote and control touch
The Verilux Smartlight Floor Lamp
  • Full spectrum LED lights
  • Mimicking natural daylight
  • Sleek and modern design
The AlongDeng LED Floor Lamp
  • Height adjustable design
  • Flexible neck design
  • Energy saving and long-lasting
The Daylight U31375 Studio Lamp
  • Natural daylight
  • Super wide shade
  • Metal tripod stand

The Best Lighting for Art Studios

When you are shopping for the right art studio lighting, there are several important features to keep an eye out for. We set out to find quality studio lights that offer them. Here is a quick look at the top five studio lamps or studio lights to get if you want to create the ideal space to work in.


The Joofo floor lamp is our top pick because this studio light has all of the most important features an artist might be looking for. 

This quality light has a tall base that extends up to 68.9 inches high – which is perfect for working on larger canvases or for getting light at a proper work angle so you can avoid an annoying shine on your canvas. This extendable stand can also rotate in any direction and the light head can also swivel to different angles.

Another huge benefit of this lamp is the artificial lighting settings. The lamp comes with a remote control that allows you to switch it on and off, adjust the light temperature from 3000K up to 5000k, and switch between various levels of brightness. With these different temperature settings and brightness levels, you should get that perfect ambient light you need for different types of art.


This indoor light doesn’t have too many drawbacks. Some buyers feel that the lamp can get hot after some time if you run it on its brightest settings but even as it gets warmer, it won’t reach a temperature where it might burn out.  

One of the biggest drawbacks is probably the fact that it doesn’t come with a gooseneck design. The lamp head is flexible but can’t be moved up close to your artwork the way you can move a gooseneck lamp. It is also possible to snap the headlamp off if you bend it the wrong way and some buyers dislike the idea of having to touch the lamp itself in order to adjust the angle. 

Another slight drawback is the brightness level. The 12-watt lamp is powerful but has a maximum brightness temperature of 5000K while lamps with a greater wattage can be a bit brighter. 

Extra Features

There are quite a few additional features you might like about this lamp. For example, the remote control is magnetic so you can secure it to the lampstand. 

This overhead light also comes with a very sturdy stand with a heavy base that keeps the lamp from tipping over. The long power cord is also a very good added feature for larger art studios. 

Buying Advice

Our advice is to buy this lamp if you are a tall artist who loves to stand up while painting. The tall stand, brightness levels, and temperature settings certainly offer plenty of customization. 

Technical Specifications

Height : Up to 68.9 Inches (adjustable)

CCT: 3 temperatures (3000K – 5000K)

Brightness: -5 to 100%

Controller: Remote control

Stand Adjustability: 360 Degree rotation, height-adjustable, and swivel head

Wattage: 12 Watts


The Dimunt LED floor lamp is our runner-up studio light because it also offers a number of great benefits. 

The lamp has a tall stand that can extend to a height of up to 59 inches. We also love the gooseneck design of the lamp that allows you to turn the bulb in different directions so you can see your canvas clearly.

This lamp also comes with a remote control that allows you to make several adjustments. The CCT (color temperature) ranges from 3000K up to 6000K so you can set it to a cooler and whiter temperature compared to the average lamp. The brightness level of this lamp also adjusts from a CRI level of 10% up to 100% which is terrific for creating artworks with different mood settings. 

And finally, another feature we do love is that this lamp also features a built-in touch control on the lampstand so you can change the settings even if you lose the remote. 


The Dimunt lamp is fine for artists who like to stand and work but it is not quite as tall as the Joofo floor lamp. 

The base of the lamp could have been a bit heavier as it can be a bit top-heavy, especially if you have the gooseneck bent into a steep angle. The lamp also has a tendency to fall over when used on a carpet. 

The biggest drawback of this lamp is probably the fact that the lampstand height isn’t adjustable. It features a fixed stand which can make it difficult to get the light you need.

Extra Features

The Dimunt lamp offers a few extra features like a magnetic remote. Since it is magnetic, you can attach it to the lampstand or some other metal object in your home like a fridge door. 

The lamp and stand are very quick and easy to assemble and the slightly larger wattage capacity allows you to set the lamp to a CCT range of up to 6000K. This means you can get a beautiful white hue or cooler light that is perfect for mixing true colors on your art palette. 

This lamp also comes with a timer so you can set it to automatically switch off after one hour. 

The LED bulb of this lamp includes 112 tiny light beads that offer a smooth light source instead of a beam that is so common in most average bulb lights. 

Buying Advice

The Dimunt lamp is a good investment for artists who need ample lighting for a desk or sit-down canvas. The lamp offers good lighting and various brightness settings and it comes at a great price but you will need to get something to secure the stand if you plan to use it on rough or carpeted surfaces. 

Technical Specifications

Height: 59 Inches 

CCT: 3000K – 60000K

Brightness: 10 – 100%

Controller:  Remote control

Stand Adjustability: Flexible gooseneck with swivel

Wattage: 15 Watts

3. The Verilux Smartlight Floor Lamp


This tall lamp by Verilux is another great option if you need a sturdy floor lamp with a flexible gooseneck head.

The lamp has a fixed stand of 64 inches tall which is practical for most office desks or drafting tables. The lamp base can swivel in any direction and the gooseneck top allow you to bend it so the light can fall at any angle you need. 

We love the large lamp shield on this 18 Watt lamp and there are three color temperature settings to choose from that range from 3000K to 5000K. 

This lamp also has 5 brightness levels to choose from and these different modes are very easy to access since the lamp has a fixed control on its base. 

A lot of artists enjoy this lamp a great deal because it is easy to move around in the studio due to the bigger and heavier base that keeps the lamp upright. 


The biggest drawback of this lamp is that the base isn’t height adjustable. Even though the lampshade can adjust quite a bit in direction or height, the base has a fixed height which can be a bit tall for some artists. 

At its brightest level, this lamp also doesn’t offer as much white bright light as the Dimunt lamp might offer since it does have a max CCT range of 5000K.

Another drawback is that it does not have a remote control. If you want to adjust the light hue or switch your lamp on and off, you will need to walk over to the lamp and adjust it on the base.

Extra Features

The weighted base certainly is a good added feature and we love the sturdy design of this lamp. The smart light is available in white and black, and you can get this lamp assembled and ready to use in less than 10 minutes. 

The lamp is also fitted with an Optix lense that controls glare and reduces flickering which may help reduce eye strain. 

Buying Advice

The Verilux lamp is a practical investment for tall artists or those who like to work while standing up. It is also a great lamp for artists with large studios since you can easily move the lamp around without the risk of it falling over. 

Technical Specifications

Height: 64 Inches

CCT: 3000K, 4000K and 5000K

Brightness: 5 Levels

Controller:  Fixed (no remote)

Stand Adjustability: 360-degree swivel with adjustable gooseneck

Wattage: 18 Watts


The skinny LED lamp by AlongDeng is a good option if you need a lamp that can convert from a desk lamp to a standing floor lamp. It comes with a stand that is adjustable, you just need to  remove some of the rods. At its tallest, this lamp stands at 64 inches high, while it can be adjusted to low as just 22 inches.

At a maximum CCT range of 6500K, it is the lamp that offers the whitest and brightest hue. This lamp also has three temperature levels and five different brightness levels so you can adjust it from warm light to cool light with ease.

Another feature we love is the swivel gooseneck head that allows you to set the bulb at different positions.


We love the adjustability of the lampstand but the base just isn’t heavy enough to offer firm support and may cause the light to topple over when you adjust it.

This lamp also doesn’t come with a remote control. You will need to move to the light switch in order to adjust the hue or switch it on and off. 

Extra Features

The 14-watt lamp has a few extra features. It is fitted with a flicker-free bulb with a maximum brightness of 1000 lumens. The lamp is very easy to set up and a power adapter is included so you’ll be ready to go in no time.

The lampshade isn’t the biggest but this bulb can last up to 10 years since it has a 50,000-hour lifespan – which is ideal for serious artists.

Buying Advice

This is a good lamp to get if you need a desk lamp that can convert into a standing lamp. It features a decent brightness level with various light adjustments and the bulb is extremely durable, so you’ll get a great return on your investment. 

Technical Specifications

Height: 64.4 Inches

CCT: 3 levels (3000K – 6500K)

Brightness: 5 Brightness levels

Controller:  No control

Stand Adjustability: 360 Degree swivel, and height-adjustable

Wattage: 14 Watts


The Daylight U31375 is a terrific studio lamp for artists who might also want to photograph their own work. That’s because the lamp is very bright and you can add up to three clip-on lamps to the studio stand.

It features a long 7-foot 3-inch stand with a large base to keep the lamp nice and secure. When you buy this lamp, you also get one clip-on lampshade with a 32-watt bulb and you do have the option to buy additional lamp shades for more light.

The lampshade can be fixed to any height on the stand and it features a gooseneck so you can adjust it to different angles. Since the lampshade clips around the stand, you can also adjust it to any position on the stand. You even have the option to clip it free from the stand and add it directly to your easel.


One drawback of this lamp is that the CCT and brightness levels of this lamp aren’t adjustable. The light is nice and bright with its 80% brightness level which will offer plenty of light. But this can be an issue for artists who like to work at a lower light intensity level or who might want a different light tone. 

The lamp also doesn’t include a remote control and some do find it a bit pricey compared to some of the other lights on our list. 

Extra Features

It is a great artist light that can double as studio lighting for photography since you can layer up to three lampshades on one stand. It offers natural daylight quality light and the light bulb is pretty easy to replace since it is fitted with a removable LED bulb. 

Buying Advice

This is a good artificial light source for artists who want ample lighting but are not too bothered by the hue or tone of the light they receive. It is especially good for those who want more than one light fixture in their studio.

Technical Specifications

Height: 7 feet and 3 inches

CCT: Non-adjustable

Brightness: 80+

Controller:  No remote control

Stand Adjustability: Gooseneck light clip-on clamp, height adjustable 

Wattage: 32 Watts

Final Thoughts

We’re sure that any of these lights will offer the best lighting for art studios. With them, you’ll be able to create fine artwork at any hour of the day or night. 

If you need other types of studio gear (art or otherwise), you should have a look at some of the other guides we have on The Studio Genie. With our guides, you can create the perfect workspace for any type of studio.

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