23 Twitch Extensions You Need to Know About

23 Twitch Extensions You Need to Know About

If you are a twitch streamer, you may have heard of twitch extensions.

Twitch extensions are separate web pages that amalgamate with Twitch to run inside the platform. Extensions will add functionality to your channel, boost viewer interactions, and can help customize your dashboard.

The three types of extensions are panel, overlay, and component extensions. Twitch extensions will sit under your video stream or on top of your video as a transparent panel.

Extensions can greatly improve both the twitch streamers’ experience and the audience’s experience. If you do not know a lot about extensions, this guide will give you a few great ideas to improve your channel. 

Let’s take a look at 23 twitch extensions you need to know about.


If you are looking for a fun and interactive extension, this will be a great one to check out. StreamLegends is an RPG twitch extension that supports community gameplay.

The extension allows players to create guilds and go on quests together.

Many streamers love this extension since it lets their community play with them instead of solely interacting using the chat. All of the viewers can work together to build the community guild and unlock raids.

Finally, the Twitch streamer can also give gifts to the players during the game.


This extension allows you and everyone else to see who has cheered on your channel. The board has four sections: all-time, monthly, weekly, and session cheers. Furthermore, the board is updated in real-time, so you won’t miss a cheer.

Keep in mind that you will need a Muxy account to run this extension.

Crowd Control

This is one of the best interactive twitch extensions that lets viewers interact with the streamer during gameplay.

Your viewers will be able to exchange coins for in-game items in real-time. Essentially, they can help make your life easier or harder, depending on what they do.

The extension currently supports three games: Super Mario World, Super Mario Brothers 3, and Zelda: A Link to the Past. The developers are also working on adding more games to the list, such as Celeste.

Latest Followers

Latest Followers

The Latest Followers twitch extension allows you to see who your latest follower is. You will also be able to see how many new followers you have had during the entire day.

The extension comes as a black box that shows the follower’s name and profile image. You can have the extension as a panel and overlay component on your channel. The list will also be on your dashboard and update in real-time.

Another cool feature is that viewers can exchange bits and celebrate how long they’ve followed.

Sound Alerts

Sound Alerts is one of the most favored twitch extensions. With this extension, streamers can upload their own sounds or use sounds that other streamers use. They can then assign each sound to a button.

Viewers can use bits to unlock and play whatever sound they want during the stream. Often, streamers will upload loud noises (screams from horror movies, etc.), making for an entertaining moment.

Emotes Showcase

If you have emotes on your channel, this will be one of the most useful twitch extensions you shouldn’t miss.

The Emotes Showcase will show all of your emotes, including subscriber, BTTV, and FFZ emotes. A great feature of this extension is that it will update your panel of emotes automatically.

You can also add information on each emote. Viewers can then click on one and read the description.

Furthermore, you will also be able to customize what emote sections are displayed and expand and customize the titles of the emotes.

Exclusive Content for Subscribers

This extension is great for streamers with a lot of subscribers. With this tool, you will be able to upload exclusive content that only your subscribers can see.

You will be able to upload members-only photos, videos, and any other content you think your subscribers would enjoy.

To upload content, visit the extension configuration page. You will be able to edit and upload content from there. Subscribers should then see the exclusive content in a panel on the channel page.

The extension will also notify subscribers anytime you upload new content.

Live Emotes

The Live Emotes extension is a fun add-on that allows viewers to interact with the stream. With this extension, viewers can react with emotes. The emotes will then float across the screen so everybody can view them in real-time.

A great feature of this app is that you can customize the size and positioning of the live emotes. Furthermore, viewers can also decide to turn live emotes off while they watch the stream.

OWN3D Design Panels

OWN3D Design Panels

One of the most important aspects of your twitch channel will be how it looks. With this extension, you can design a stylish panel that will draw future subscribers in.

If you have a panel that looks good, you will be more likely to get followers, even offline. With the OWN3D design panel extension, you will be able to customize your offline screen.

Furthermore, this app also allows you to design animated twitch panels. With this feature, you can take your designs one step further.

This tool is one of the best twitch extensions for community-heavy channels.

With this extension, you can upload pictures to the channel for viewers to see. This app is a great opportunity to show viewers more of your life, build their trust and showcase some cool behind-the-scenes photos.

Another great feature of this app is that viewers can also upload pictures to a gallery. You can monetize your library by having viewers pay with bits to upload a photo.

If a viewer uploads a photo you love, you can also display the photo during a stream in the top right corner. The extension will also post a notification in the chat whenever someone posts a photo.

Twitter Timeline

If you want viewers and future followers to connect with you even offline, this will be a good twitch extension to get.

The Twitter timeline extension will show your latest Twitter posts as a panel on your channel. Visitors will be able to see your tweets, including videos, gifs, and photos.

My Instagram

This extension will be a great addition for streamers who are active on Instagram.

My Instagram will display all of your latest Instagram posts on your channel. This way, viewers can get a glimpse of your Instagram page without even leaving the Twitch website.

This tool is an easy way to let viewers see a bit more of your personality.

Streamlabs Stream Schedule & Countdown

Streamlabs Stream Schedule & Countdown

If you are a streamer with a regular schedule, this will be one of the best twitch extensions to get.

Streamlabs Stream Schedule & Countdown will display a countdown until your next stream. Viewers will also be able to see your weekly schedule at a glance.

This app is also helpful if streamers want to take a break. You will be able to use the tool to let fans know how many days you will be gone.

Suggestion Box v2

If you want to make some changes to your channel but are unsure where to start, this extension will be a good choice.

The Suggestion Box v2 will allow viewers to give ideas or suggestions they have for your channel. Other viewers can then use bits to vote for certain suggestions.

This extension will help you understand what content your viewers want to see and can help further increase views on your channel.

Design By Humans Merch Store

If you have a DesignByHumans merchandise store, this extension will be helpful.

Viewers will be able to buy your products without having to leave the stream. There will be a small panel underneath your stream where they can browse your merch with and buy products.

The extension currently supports full catalogs of items that are non-limited editions. The developers are also working on supporting campaign items soon.

Weekly Schedule

If you like having organized and scheduled streaming times, this will be one of the best twitch extensions for you.

The extension displays your weekly schedule in a simple and easy-to-read list.

One of the best features of this app is that it can detect the viewer’s language preference from browser data. Once it detects the language, the list will automatically translate into the viewer’s preferred language.

Furthermore, the timezones will automatically convert into the viewer’s local timezone. The streamer can simply post the times in their own timezone and not worry about converting anything.


MasterOverwatch is one of the oldest twitch extensions and has been around since 2017.

This extension is for all players of the first-person team-based game, Overwatch. The app displays an overlay on the twitch screen of all the fundamental Overwatch statistics that players need.

Prime Subscription and Loot Reminder

Prime Subscription & Loot Reminder

With this extension, viewers can renew their prime subscription without leaving the Twitch webpage.

The Prime app will also add an overlay icon to the Twitch video if users have a Prime subscription they can use. This icon will remind them to use the subscription and will list some benefits of a Prime subscription.

Dynamic Follow Buttons

This extension will give your viewers call-to-actions and will suggest they follow your channel or other channels like yours.

You can set the extension up either as a button or an overlay on your video. This tool will be an easy way to self-promote or to shout out other supporting channels.

Viewer Geolocation

This is one of the best twitch extensions that will allow you to learn more about your viewers. The Viewer Geolocation tool lets you see exactly where in the world your viewers are.

The extension displays all of the countries that your viewers are watching from. There are two display modes in this extension: a ranking mode and a live feed mode.

My Wishlist

My Wishlist allows you to set up a panel on your dashboard that shows your Amazon wishlist.

Streamers will do this if their fans want to help them out and buy them gifts. This extension works great for your birthday week; your fans will be able to send you exactly what you want.

Legends of Runeterra Deck Tracker

Legends Of Runeterra Deck Tracker

This extension is a favorite amongst Legend of Runeterra streamers.

The app will let viewers see what cards are in your deck. They will be able to flip through your decklist and hover over cards in play. The extension is displayed as a transparent overlay over the stream.

Legends of Runeterra Deck Tracker is a great way to amp up viewer interaction. This tool will also help viewers learn more about the basic rules of the game.

One of the best features of this app is that viewers can directly copy the streamer’s deck to try it out for themselves.

The extension supports a few different languages such as English, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Stream Minigames

If you are looking for another extension that will boost viewer interaction, this will be a good choice.

Stream Minigames will allow your viewers to play multiplayer minigames; the games will appear as the main window on your stream. Streamers will take advantage of this when taking a break or waiting for another game to load.

It is also easy to use the extension. The streamer or mods can start the program, then the chat will get notified when the game is going to start. Anybody can join while they wait for the main stream to continue.

This app is great for streamers who want to make sure their viewers are entertained for the whole stream.


Twitch extensions are great for upgrading your channel. There are extensions for just about anything!

If you are into social media, consider checking out the Twitter Timeline and My Instagram extensions.

There are also a few game extensions such as StreamLegends, MasterOverwatch, Crowd Control, and Legends of Runeterra Deck Tracker.

If you want some general Twitch extensions that anyone can use, check out Leaderboard, Latest Followers, Sound Alerts, Emotes Showcase, Live Emotes, Suggestion Box v2, and Weekly Schedule.

Lastly, check out OWN3D Design Panels to amp up the design of your Twitch dashboard.


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