How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop?

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop

The Nintendo Switch is undeniably a great device for gaming. It is portable, convenient, and provides access to a library of amazing games. You can use it to play your favorite games wherever and whenever you want.

But, sometimes, you don’t want to be on the go. All you need is a larger screen, a bed to lay down, and play without any hurry or worry. Sounds relaxing, right? 

If so, then go ahead and connect your Nintendo Switch to an external monitor, computer monitor, or even a spare TV.  All these devices have an HDMI input port to link the Nintendo switch. However, if you’ve got a laptop, there are a few things you should know. Find out more below!

Is it Possible to Connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop?

Unlike desktop computers, laptops have limited versatility. You cannot connect these portable versions to any device you want. And, when talking about Nintendo Switch, a direct connection is not possible in most cases. 

Be it the original Switch, Switch lite, or OLED Switch, all three devices require an HDMI input port for connection to other devices. Unfortunately, most laptop models do not feature a built-in HDMI input port. Please note that the HDMI output port found in laptops does not work the same as the HDMI-in port. 

An output port is designed for feeding video and audio signals, whereas an input port receives them. For example, if your handheld console has an output port, you can transfer the data to an external monitor/computer/tv with an input port, so you cannot use the laptop’s output port to connect to the Nintendo Switch. 

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop

Now, you must be wondering if the connection is impossible, right?  Well, don’t feel hopeless because it is possible. 

A few gaming laptops, such as Alienware, feature an HDMI-in port. However, these laptops come at an expensive price tag. So, a comparatively affordable solution is to purchase a capture card. 

What are Capture Cards? 

The capture card is a treasurable item for gamers these days. It is a small device that uploads digital data by converting the gameplay signals. In simpler terms, it takes data from your gaming device and streams it on a screen. 

However, a decent capture card also serves as a connector. It features an HDMI input port, output port, and USB port. So, you can transfer data between devices. 

To make this transfer lag-free, consider the best capture card brands for your capture device. You can make the purchasing process simple using our amazing guide!

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop? 

Now that you’ve got the basics. Let’s discuss how you can connect the Nintendo Switch to a laptop screen. But first, you will need a few additional items listed below. 

Capture Device

As mentioned, the capture card will function as our connection between the Nintendo Switch and laptop so quality is key if you want a high-definition display. Make sure it has the latest capture card software installed. 

Since you can also use the device for streaming, consider buying a high quality capture card as a more affordable option might not have the ability to stream a clear video to your laptop. 

HDMI Cable

The HDMI cable is the cord between the input and output ports. Usually, the Nintendo Switch comes with a high-quality HDMI cable. However, if you don’t have one, there are plenty of HDMI cables available online. 

USB Cable

The most popular and commonly-used cord is the USB cable. You will need it to link the capture card to the laptop. 

Nintendo Dock

The fundamental purpose of the Nintendo Switch is to provide power and charging to the system. So, why is it included in the list of additional items? It’s because the Nintendo Switch itself doesn’t have a built-in port for connection.

Instead, the Nintendo Switch dock has all the connectivity options. You need to place the portable device into the dock. And then connect it to other gadgets. The Nintendo Switch dock comes with the package, though you can also purchase it separately.

6 Simple Steps to Connect Laptop to Nintendo Switch

Once you’ve arranged all the required devices, follow these simple steps to make the connection possible. Good luck!

  • First, connect the Nintendo Switch to the dock. But do not turn it on or anything.
  • Take the HDMI cable and attach the capture card (HDMI input) with the dock (HDMI output).
  • Use the USB cable to attach the capture card to the laptop. 
  • Now, open the capture card software on the laptop and switch on the Nintendo in the dock.
  • Upon opening, the software will automatically display the Nintendo screen on the laptop monitor.
  • Click on the maximize icon to enjoy an amazing full-screen experience. You can use the joy-con to control the game.

Are There Any Alternative Methods?

Above, we discussed the easiest method to enjoy Nintendo Switch video games on a big screen. However, even if this seems hectic, then do not worry. We have an alternative method for you too.

Nintendo Switch does offer access to a brilliant game library. And, the whole experience becomes dynamic if you’re using the OLED Switch. (Its screen experience is simply out-of-the-world!) 

But, Nintendo Switch is not the only place you will find these games. You can play all of them on your laptop too!

Download the video games from Microsoft App Store (Windows 10), Steam, and even Epic Games. But, please note, you won’t find first-party games that are exclusively for Nintendo. These include Animal Crossing, Super Mario, and Pokemon.

Closing Thoughts

In a nutshell, there are three ways to enjoy Nintendo Switch games on a laptop screen.

  • Purchase an expensive gaming laptop with a built-in HDMI input port such as Alienware. 
  • Use a high-quality capture card to connect. 
  • Download the Nintendo games on your laptop to play. 

Hopefully, this article has answered your questions. In case of any confusion, comment below, and our experts will do their best to help you out. Happy gaming! 

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