Streaming Lighting: Make Viewing Experience Pleasant

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Good lighting is essential if you plan to use a video camera or a background applicator while streaming. The lights will try to generate a smoother transition from body shape to the background.

There are two main types of lighting that you can choose between softboxes lighting and desktop lighting.

The main difference between both softbox lighting and desktop lighting was the scale and form of the display.

A softbox lighting is historically used in photography and also can take up much space. Desktop lighting is just that to put on your desktop and mounted on your webcam, like an LED loop light.

It can help you reduce space (and perhaps most importantly, money) unless you’re working with a limited area.

Importance of Lights for Streaming

importance of lights for streaming perfectly

Lighting could be the main factor when it relates to visual effects, and even more essential than the type of device you use.

After all, having a fantastic camera might not guarantee users a good shot, and getting a webcam might not guarantee users a terrible photoshoot. It’s a matter of lighting effects.

It often means having better lighting methods that allow you to save quite a handful of time, anger, and extra cash.

However, before we run straight into lighting, start making sure you take the time to evaluate your area because your background must influence how you attract clients.

Besides, it’s not as straightforward as imitating someone else’s history or even making your own. You have to know that lighting would have the most effect on your setup and your films.

But you need to be conscious about the tone and environment that you’re planning to create. The best theme to have a wet, comfortable, earthy, welcoming feeling.

If you paint a room, install some fake trees or shelving, hang several artworks, set some bright color lights, and a photo booth as well. Additionally, it’s best to find it out before you step into the spotlight.

That way, you’re going to keep the lighting stable to make sure it blends in with your context. Remember that you are building an atmosphere for your audience, welcoming them to your room. It’s the same thing online.

How to Choose Correct Lights for Yourself

how to choose lights for streaming

Choosing the best light for the various parts of your studio can be difficult. There are brilliant lights, soft lights, ceiling lights, wall floating lights, chandelier lights, and Led bulbs.

There are so many different types of lights. Besides, if you’ve been to stores that sell bulbs, you’ll understand what we’re talking about and what we mean.

A massive amount of effort goes into selecting the ideal lights that are correct for you and your photo studio. You can’t even put a basic ceiling but a  modern ceiling light in your studio room full of old furniture. It just doesn’t match up.

Whether you’re trying to learn more about the led lighting options you have or how to choose the best lighting for every room in your Studio, there are three types of lighting available.

Here are the three types of lighting:

  • Ambient Lighting
  • Task Lighting
  • Accent Lighting

Ambient Lighting

ambient lighting for streaming

Ambient lighting is usually the secondary source of light in a studio room. They could be anywhere from overhead lights to recessed lighting.

Usually, the number of studio room ambient lighting would be determined by your provider. He or she is expected to quantify the illumination in “foot-candles” and how powerful the light is one foot away from the studio room.

Usually, the background may require brighter lighting or even more “foot-candles.”

Task Lighting

task lighting for streaming

Woman working on computer in her home office during pandemic quarantine.

Task lights can be used to provide illumination for such tasks, such as reading a novel or making up a film in front of a camera.

These lamps cannot be used for brightening up the whole space, just a tiny section of the studio room.

Project lights are available in different shapes and dimensions. They may be put on a wall, positioned on a desk, or placed in a camera.

Some of them do have shimmy or spinning capability to go anywhere you want them to be, at which angle you want them to go.

Accent Lighting

accent lighting for streaming

Accent lighting is perhaps the most luxurious light in a studio room. Usually, these lights attract attention towards something you love in the studio room, such as a portrait, artwork, and a bookshelf.

Besides, these lights continue to be carried out for all the visitors to see.

Accent lights can be simple and stylish,  but they can also be eye-catching, luxurious, and out-of-the-box. Chandeliers, candlesticks, and lamps all serve as accent lights.

How to Set Up Lights for Streaming

how to set up lights for streaming

Proper lighting seems to be a necessary part of every streamer setup. It could give you a more polished look that appeals to both fans and future entertainment partners.

As either a new streamer, you’re not going to have to begin with state-of-the-art facilities. It’s essential to learn when to use the tools you need and when to start one section at a time.

You need to buy your lighting parts a few at a time once you’re starting new.

Although   It is essential to mention that the most crucial aspect of lighting seems to be the direction you use the facial lighting devices instead of the actual objects themselves.

Here’s how lighting is usually used for building a setup.

Key lights

A key light can eventually become your only source of light. Historically, there are set at an angle of 45° to your camera, just above and angled down towards you. If you create one camera lens at a time, you want to transfer and change the lighting to keep it aesthetically appealing.

Fill lights

The fill light is mounted on the opposite edge of the key light,  is used to replace the shadows created by the key light. These two lights combined will make your camera look sharp and clean.


In general, the backlight is used to differentiate between the original camera light of the video. (in this case, the subject would be the streamer) and the background. This small distinction will make the gamer seem to stand apart, giving everyone more video detail.

Lighting Accessories

If you wish to build and have space for a higher-end lighting rig, you can invest in a picture studio system that requires many lamps.

You may use softboxes or umbrellas to block the light and avoid darkness or minimize bright sunlight. The CowboyStudio Triple Lighting Kit functions well to provide a clear outline that is necessary if you’re using a green screen.

If you’re after something having to cut, the Elgato Key Lights are a new device developed especially for streamers. But be mindful that they are precious.

Extra sources light

Depending on your layout, whether or not they want to illuminate your surroundings, or how much original light flows into your room, you may need to add a third bright light to create a mainly used three-point source lighting system.

How Much Does Good Lighting Cost?

how much does good lighting for streaming cost

Called our method for measuring the price of lighting the “Total Cost of Lighting” as a reference to the “Total Cost of Ownership” concept that is also seen in business and home which is identified as expensive depending on your lighting system you have.

The same kind of 360-degree procurement strategy is also helpful in lighting purchasing decisions.

Only when there is plenty to remember than retail value and power when purchasing a vehicle, cost and voltage or lumen output are not the only factors when you’re on the lookout for new or alternative lighting.

Understanding all the differences involved in the price of your lighting helps you create a lighting decision for your company.

Five groups relate to the expense of the lighting when you use energy-efficient lighting technologies:

  • Lighting of Electricity
  • Power of the HVAC
  • Labor to be preserved
  • Materials Substitution
  • Recycled

The amount that each of these types contributes to the overall cost is based on your place,. besides, the building you are situated in, whether you’re using LED lighting, and it’s going to be blurred.

The majority of the expenses come from energy. Quite enough, as 85 percent of the price of lighting the building is either lighting or Heating and air conditioning electricity.

That is, if you’re trying to save money on your lights, energy inefficiency might be the first way to find your finger towards the situation.

Furthermore, inefficient illumination costs you a lot of work. The more your lights flameout, the more labor you have to devote to repair burnt-out bulbs.

That, of course, often refers to the expense of the replacement products.

While traditional lighting solutions will be cheaper than the latest and best goods on the market, you’re going to have to spend more money on these conventional substitute materials since they fire much more frequently.


Lighting is equivalent to fantastic pictures. You’re going to need something versatile, powerful, and small enough to suit your streaming system.

Luckily, we live in an era of excellent LED lighting choices at reasonable prices. All of the above solutions will fit well with different types of setups.

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