Vlogging On A Budget: The Best Vlogging Camera Under 300 Dollars

Are you thinking of starting a vlogging channel, but have limited funds? For those who are interested in vlogging, you can start with a quality camera or camcorder for a few hundred dollars. 

Did you know that 75% of viewers close videos that lack video quality within seconds of viewing them? Picking a camera or camcorder that produces high-quality videos is important. 

As you develop content and gain popularity over time, you can reinvest the money you generate from ads into growing your fanbase. In this article, we picked five of the best vlogging cameras under 300 dollars.

Our Selection Criteria

Before we get into the review, it’s important to understand that we chose cameras under $300 ideal for those who are just starting in the vlogging world. We also considered the following criteria:

  • Video quality
  • Image quality
  • Connectivity
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Features
  • Optical zoom

With that said, let’s get into our list of the top 5 best vlogging cameras under $300. 


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QUICK OVERVIEW: Our Top Picks for Vlogging Cameras

Lincom Tech
  • 4K video resolution
  • Comes with different shooting modes
  • Includes external mic
  • 4K video resolution
  • Features a CMOS sensor
  • 30 megapixels
  • 4K video resolution
  • Features various, useful shooting modes
  • Comes with a foldable handheld stabilizer
  • 4K video resolution
  • 3.9 pounds
  • 30 megapixels
  • 4K video resolution
  • 3.3 pounds
  • 13 megapixels

5 Of The Best Vlogging Cameras Under 300 Dollars


Lincom Tech has made a name for itself as a brand that provides camcorders with tons of attractive features at a low price, and the V4G is a great option for beginners. 

You get exceptional quality for the price you pay, and although Lincom may not be a well-known brand like Sony or Canon, this camcorder puts out 4K videos at 3880 x 2160 at 30 frames per second. The camcorder is on par with most mid-range DSLRs manufactured by Sony and Canon without the hefty price tag. 

The V4G comes with several shooting modes, which allows vloggers to explore and have fun with the different options. The shooting modes include night mode, time-lapse, and slow motion. Depending on the specific vlog, you can maneuver and use specific modes to achieve the best result. 

The camcorder also comes with a lot of useful add-ons such as a remote control, lens hood, and external mic. The remote control provides an easier user experience as it can help control the camera from a distance.

The lens hood protects the camera from capturing too much light in a setting surrounded by tons of light, and the external mic is perfect for capturing audio that a normal mic might miss.

Overall, you get more than what you pay for with the V4G. It isn’t the most durable-looking camera but most vloggers will get the job done. The cherry on top is its’ 48-megapixel camera for high-quality pictures, which you can utilize from time to time. 


  • 4K video resolution
  • Comes with different shooting modes: night mode, time-lapse, and slow motion
  • Includes external mic, whereas bigger brands like Sony and Canon require you to pay additional money for the external part.


  • The camcorder has a flimsy build. 

Technical specifications


The SAULEOO 4K Camcorder gives vloggers the option to take bright, clear videos and pictures. The pictures may not be as detailed as a Canon or Sony DSLR but it’s good enough for vloggers who are just starting out. 

The main focal point of this camcorder is the video quality. The camcorder captures content in 4K resolution, which is more than enough for most vloggers. Whether it’s a travel or food vlog, the camera will bring out the color and details of the video. 

The camcorder comes with appealing features such as face-detection, anti-shake, video lapse, and a beauty function, which aids you in producing high-quality and focused videos.

Like the Lincom Tech V4G, this also comes with add-ons like a lens hood, remote, and external mic. It also has a handheld stabilizer, which helps with video and image stabilization. Two 1500 mAh batteries are included in the box, which provides 90 minutes of video recording

Overall, the SAULEOO 4K Camcorder isn’t too different from the Lincom Tech V4G. Both camcorders provide a similar video and photo output, features, and add-ons. We give V4G a slight edge over this camcorder because Lincom Tech is a slightly better-known brand and the item offers more shooting modes. 


  • 4K video resolution
  • Features a CMOS sensor that helps with image and video stabilization
  • Comes packaged with add-ons, which you typically have to pay for when using higher-end brands like Canon and Sony


  • Doesn’t offer any specific shooting modes like night mode or slow motion
  • Not waterproof

Technical specifications


The SEREE 4K HD Camcorder is another one of the best vlogging cameras under 300 dollars. Besides the brand name on the body, the two cameras look the same and feature a similar body that allows for an external mic on the top and a handheld stabilizer at the rear of the camera. 

The similarities don’t just stop at looks. Both cameras have a similar output in terms of video and picture quality. It features a camera that produces 4K resolution videos as well as pictures at 48 megapixels.

When we compared the output to that of V4G, we didn’t find too much of a difference. The two camcorders feature similar lenses and camera chipset. The two even offer the same shooting modes: night, slow motion, and time-lapse. In terms of video quality and production, it is hard to tell the two apart. 

While this model comes with a remote controller, we had some trouble using it. Perhaps the controller was faulty, but it wasn’t as responsive as the V4G. You can expect to record for 90 minutes straight with this camera as it features two 1500 mAh batteries. 

Overall, the SEREE 4K HD camcorder puts out quality vlogging videos. This camcorder will entice watchers to keep on watching your vlog because of its high video quality.


  • 4K video resolution
  • Features various, useful shooting modes
  • Comes with a foldable handheld stabilizer


  • Like the Lincom V4G, this camera has a flimsy build so you need to be careful if you take this out on adventures. 

Technical specifications


The LINNSE 4K Video Camcorder main focal points are quality and affordability. But so do all the other products on our list, how is this different?

In terms of video quality, this camcorder isn’t as great as the other three because it records 4K at 24 frames per second as opposed to 30

For most vloggers, this camcorder’s frame rate won’t be too big of a deal because it still delivers bright, detailed videos. Unless you and your viewers have a keen eye for detail, the difference in quality won’t be noticeable. 

You also get a 30-megapixel photo camera, which makes taking breathtaking pictures easy. You probably won’t be using the camera for photography, but it is a great add-on to have. The electronic anti-shake feature ensures all the pictures you take are clear and focused. 

Like the other three camcorders in this article, the LINNSE 4K Video Camcorder comes with a few add-ons. The lens hood and external microphone are two features we think vloggers would benefit the most. It also comes with two 1500 mAh batteries that power the camcorder for 90 minutes of recording. 

Overall, there isn’t much that the LINNSE 4K Video Camcorder has to offer that makes it stand out compared to the three options that come before it. Nonetheless, it is on par with the rest of the camcorders and is a very budget-friendly option for vloggers


  • 4K video resolution
  • A bunch of add-ons is included in the box such as lens hood and external microphone
  • 30-megapixel camera for pictures


  • Design is not very sturdy and feels generic 

Technical specifications


The Ordro AC3 provides vloggers with decent video quality recording 4K at 24 frames per second. It may not be as good as the others mentioned on the list, at least on paper. But it’s hard to tell the difference because this camcorder features a Sony sensor. 

The sensor is great at detecting the light exposure and environment to capture the best images, which results in colorful, clear, and in-depth videos that will please your viewers. It also features a higher range of digital zoom than the others on the list at 30x. 

Out of the five on our list, the AC3 has the most durable feel. It uses similar material as the others, but the plastic of the body is thicker and feels great in your hands. 

Aside from your usual add-ons like the external mic and lens hood, you also get a wide-angle lens 72millimeters at 0.39x. The lens is useful for shooting scenic shots without distortion. We are certain that most vloggers will appreciate the lens. 

The camcorder is fitted with an NP-120 lithium battery, which allows around 2 hours of recording. 

Overall, the Ordro AC3 checks all the marks for vloggers. It produces clear, colorful videos your viewers would enjoy and offers you tons of features and add-ons to improve your video production. You can’t really ask for more at this price point.


  • 4K video resolution
  • Add-ons include a useful wide-angle lens
  • Sony sensor ensures that captured images are clear and colorful
  • 2 hours of battery life


  • Remote control that comes with the camera doesn’t have an exceptional range

Technical specifications

Buyer’s Guide

This may come as a surprise that we didn’t feature many big brands such as Canon, Sony, Nikon, or Panasonic. Considering vloggers with a limited budget, these brands don’t offer the same features under $300. The Canon and Sony cameras you will find in this price range won’t offer you 4K resolution videos. 

Yes, the brands we have picked aren’t as well known, but the options in this article are the best vlogging cameras under 300 dollars. Some vloggers might still have a hard time picking between the five we listed. To make the choice easier for you, we highlight which one to choose depending on your needs. 


In terms of video quality, there wasn’t too much of a difference between the five camcorders on our list. If we had to pick the best in this category, it would be the Lincom Tech V4G because it shoots 4K at 30 frames per second and offers a wide range of shooting modes. 

The various shooting modes are high-quality and made to stand out above the rest. We are certain vloggers who enjoy shooting with the camcorder as much as we did. 


This was a toss-up between the SEREE 4K HD Camcorder and Lincom Tech V4G. The V4G offers more shooting modes for videos, but we had more fun taking pictures with the SEREE 4K HD Camcorder. 

The two boast a 48-megapixel camera, the SEREE 4K images is more detailed and didn’t pixelate much when you zoom in to the subject. If we were to pick one of the two, it would be the SEREE 4K HD Camcorder.


Four out of the five camcorders on our list feature two 1500 mAh batteries, which is equivalent of a battery life of 90 minutes. The only one that stands out from the crowd is the Ordro AC3 4K Camcorder, which has an NP-120 Li-ion battery with 2 hours of battery life. 

The additional 30 minutes will go a long way, especially if you plan on shooting outdoors as you will capture a lot more footage without having to recharge your camera battery. 


The Ordro AC3 4K Camcorder is best for outdoor, travel, and adventure vlogs. There are a few reasons why that is. 

This model has the sturdiest build compared to the other four on our list, so you can expect it to withstand some wear and tear from adventures. 

It also comes with a wide-angle lens, which is great for capturing videos for travel vlogs. The durable handheld stabilizer included in the box ensures you have a strong hold on the camcorder as you go out on your adventure.


The inclusion of the wide-angle lens makes the Ordro AC3 4K Camcorder the best bundle. The lens will certainly add to your video production arsenal, allowing you to take scenic videos and images. The lens is a must-have if you plan to host a travel vlog. 


Our list proves that you don’t have to spend tons of money to start a vlog. All you need is great content, and there is a variety of cameras and camcorders in the market, no matter what your budget is. You just need to do a little research to figure out which one is best for you.

Our buyer’s guide includes picks for the best vlogging camera under 300 dollars should help you make a wise decision. You can go with any of the five camcorders we have mentioned in this article as they all deliver quality images and video. 

Just consider the features you need based on the type of vlog you are planning to make since some models offer more than others.

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