The Five Best Cheap Microphones for Rapping

best cheap microphone for rapping

Ever wonder what Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, or Lil’ Wayne use for a microphone?

Probably not the cheapest kind, but they all had to start somewhere. Even though a cheap microphone will not produce the best sound quality as a more expensive one, there are plenty of cheap microphones that come very close. 

When choosing a microphone for rapping, you have to compromise between affordability and what’s going to make demo tapes sound the best.

The right microphone on a budget will be important to your success down the road. You are going to want a microphone that isn’t sensitive to background noise and has great sound quality.   

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the five best cheap microphones for rapping:


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QUICK OVERVIEW: Our Top Picks for Best Cheap Microphones for Rapping

Neewer NW-800 Professional Studio Broadcasting and Recording Microphone Set
  • Vintage looking
  • High sound quality
  • High sensitivity
Eivotor Condenser Microphone 3.5mm
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Sturdy
  • High SPL
Moukey USB Microphone With Anti-skid Stand
  • Heart-shaped sensitivity
  • Easy and ready to use
  • Excellent sound quality
ZealSound USB Microphone Condenser
  • Great sound quality
  • Minimizes background noise
  • Versatile
Crenova Metal USB Microphone Kit with Tripod
  • Clear and high-quality audio
  • Not sensitive to background noise
  • Sturdy

The Best Cheap Microphones for Rapping Reviews

This microphone is affordable and has a vintage vibe. It looks as great as it sounds.  

This is a microphone that will require a power source and batteries. The cord is included, and it is compatible with laptops, phones, computers, tablets, and amplifiers. 

The package includes a black condenser microphone. These microphones are great for studio use to pick up delicate yet full-bodied sounds without other disturbances. It offers high sound quality and also comes with a shock mount, anti-wind foam cap, and a microphone power cable. 

The anti-wind cap is there to protect the microphone from any spit damage.  

This microphone is easy to assemble and comes ready to use. All you need to do is plug it in and go. It is user-friendly, so if you are just starting out, it is a good choice. 

This particular microphone is perfect for any kind of studio.



This microphone is a great option if you’re working with a budget. You get what you pay for, and based on its raving reviews it definitely won’t disappoint.

A device that’s ready to use and perfect for rapping, this corded electric microphone is compatible with select computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

Features include a high sound quality and high sensitivity so that you aren’t picking up unwanted background noise. The frequency ranges between 100hz and 16khz, giving you a crystal clear pick-up on vocals.

This microphone bundle comes with a foldable tripod for easy set-up with the ability to adjust to your liking, six-month product service, a pop filter, a damper mount, and an audio patch. 

It is easy to move around and relocate when needed, which is convenient if you are moving from studio to studio often and recording in different areas. 



This is a user-friendly microphone set that’s great for those just starting out. It is affordable and comes with an adjustable tripod, so if you frequent different studios, you could easily take this with you. However, make sure you check what type of computer you have to ensure the microphone will be compatible.

This device is a bit of a price decrease from the previously mentioned microphones, which is even better if you’re on a tight budget. 

Offered at a low cost yet still high-quality, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or not. This is an easy-to-use microphone that comes with a foldable and adjustable tripod.

Designed to block out any unwanted background noise and echoing, this microphone captures vocals in a crystal clear manner. 

It also comes with a built-in sound card and cardioid pickup pattern, and it arrives assembled and ready to use.

It is compatible with computers (Mac OS X, Windows (Vista/7/8/10), tablets (iPad), and smartphones (iPhone, Android phones).



One of the cheapest microphones on the market, this product is great for both beginners and professionals alike. It is easy and ready to use for a studio or home setting with its impeccable ability to pick up intended vocals while blocking out any sort of background noise.

Versatile, affordable, and high-quality, the ZealSound comes next on the list. It is compatible with Windows computers, Mac computers, laptops, Linux, and Android. It’s important to note that this microphone is not compatible with iPhones or other Apple devices as per user reviews.  

This microphone comes with a real-time monitor that gives you the option to hear yourself while recording. 

The sound quality is excellent and well-balanced. It minimizes background, keyboard, and mouse sound while recording and only focusing on the rapper’s vocals.

It could be great for Zoom calls, presentations, studio, or podcasts. 

The package as a whole includes a stand base, USB cable, adapters, foam windscreen, and a manual. The setup is user-friendly as well.  



This device is great for those that need something simple that will last for a long time. It is durable, and the reviews don’t disappoint. However, if you do have an iPhone and need to use it for recording, this is not an ideal microphone for you.

Last but not least, the Crenova Microphone Kit. This kit comes with plenty of features and an adjustable tripod that makes it easy to customize to your preference and tote around to different locations with ease. 

The features of this kit include the condenser microphone, USB cable, a tripod stand, a manual, and an anti-wind foam cap that protects your microphone from spit damage.  

This microphone produces exceptional sound quality and picks up on accurate sounds and vocals instead of background noise.

The microphone is encased with a full metal housing, so it can withstand wear and tear with ease. Plus, it doesn’t take much to set it up. Simply plug it in and go. 

It can be used with just about anything except for cell phones and tablets. The PS4 and Xbox are also incompatible. 



If you need something that is compatible with your cell phone, this isn’t the microphone for you. However, if that doesn’t matter, this microphone kit has everything you would need to get started. It is well-designed and produces high-quality sound. It can be used for studio use or podcasting.

More About Cheap Microphones for Rapping 

When it comes to cheap microphones for rapping, there are plenty out there that have high-quality features. We all want the best on the market, but something you need to sacrifice a little bit of quality to save hundreds of dollars in cost.   

Any of the microphones we’ve listed are perfectly acceptable for people who are just starting out or simply don’t have a lot of money for a fancy microphone. Once your rap career really takes off, you can start using the microphones of the greats. For example, YoungBoy uses a Sony c-800 G Microphone, and Drake uses a Neumann TLM 103 Condenser Microphone.

But don’t think that you need these expensive microphones to get started on an epic rap career. Cheap microphones can work nearly just as well. 

A good microphone is one of the main ingredients for performing and relaying lyrics to your listeners. The more efficient the microphone is, the better dynamic range, frequency, and higher quality you will receive. 

What is also important to consider is where you are recording and where you are using the microphone. 

Livestreaming or even performing live is different from recording music, and this should be taken into consideration when shopping for a microphone. A studio with good acoustics is only going to boost the sound quality for rapping.

If you have a room with good acoustics, it shouldn’t matter how much your microphone costs. Those acoustics will help block out any potential for background noise as it is. 

Types of Microphones for Music and Recording 


A condenser is common for studio recording because it accurately encompasses the vocals in a warm manner without being interrupted. It picks up delicate sounds with ease and does so with high sensitivity. This is the most efficient type of microphone to pick up on vocals, which makes it a perfect choice for those that need something to record music.   


These are not as common as the condenser and dynamic, especially if you are shopping on a budget. Regardless, they can still be used for recording and they give off cool vintage vibes. These mics have a tendency to pick up on loud sounds aside from vocals. Again, it is important to not use these in a live and busy setting. 


These microphones relate to high-level and strong sounds and are commonly used in live-action settings to capture loud vocals. They can withstand a lot of wear and tear and have great sound quality, but don’t expect the cheap ones to pick up on soft vocals as well as the condenser might. These microphones are generally on the cheaper side and are good for beginners if you are performing in a live setting outside. It is advised to try a condenser for recording if you are a beginner. 

What Do You Need To Start Rapping? 

Here is a list of things that you might want to consider if you’re getting into rapping: 

  • A good studio with acoustics
  • Cheap condenser microphone
  • Pop filter
  • Tripod
  • Software for editing and recording
  • Audio interface
  • Headphones
  • Controllers
  • Computer
  • Monitors 

First step: Try and find a microphone kit that offers some of the things that are listed above so it reduces your shopping time. 

Second step: Have a good computer and ensure it’s ready to connect to your microphone. 

Third step: Have your editing and recording software ready. 

Fourth step: Have fun! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is a Microphone? 

A microphone converts sound and vibrations into electronic signals enabling audio. It is a device used to relay stories, lyrics, and music to listeners using a higher frequency and volume. 

What Is a Microphone’s Frequency?

Microphone frequency has to do with sound frequency ranging from high to low and how it is interpreted by the listener. It is what the microphone hears, converts, and reproduces for our ears. The higher the frequency is, the better quality it is. A microphone’s frequency response range is between 20-20,000hz. 


Cheap or not, you need to start somewhere, and these microphones are a great step in the right direction if you want to give rapping a shot. The microphones listed above are some of the best cheap microphones for rapping and offer high-quality sound. Most also come in a kit with other accessories to help you get studio ready.

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